Peter is a 13-inch beagle that truly is "solid and big for his inches."  He has the beautiful head and soft pleading expression that defines the breed.  Peter also has a smooth, effortless side gait with wonderful reach and drive that makes him a joy to watch in the show ring.
As you can see below, along the way Peter took time out of his show schedule for a foray into modeling when he was featured in a runway show.   In limited showing, Peter demonstrated his wonderful qualities, winning a group placement his first time out as a special.  PETER is the son of our two best producers -- BARON and TONI -- and has proven to be a wonderful producer as well.




                              Ch The Whim's Buckeye
                      CH Starbuck's Hang'em High
                              CH Elsy's Shooting Star
           SIRE: CH Starbuck Torbay Hang Time
                              CH Echo Run Frolicsome Fella
                      CH Daragoj Chelsea
                              CH Daragoj Great Pleasure
                              CH Just-Wright Hi Tone Beau
                      CH Jabrwoki's In a Mellow Tone
                              CH Jabrwoki's Ain't Misbehavin
           DAM: CH Barrister's the Wright Tone
                              CH Just-Wright Home Run
                      Ch Just-Wright Calender Girl
                              Just-Wright All American Girl

CH Barrister's Final Curtain


CH Just-Wright Southpaw



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